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CE ozone generator

CE ozone generator concentration and the role of:
Ozone is the concentration of the mixed gas usually at the mass ratio and volume ratio. The mass ratio is how much mass per unit volume of the mixed gas containing ozone, the common units of mg / L or g/m3. Volume ratio per unit volume the ozone volume occupied by the content or the percentage content to use is expressed as a percentage, such as 2%, 5%, 12%, etc.. The health industry commonly ppm ozone concentration of ozone in the the per cubic ozone gas mixture accounted millionth of the volume of 1ppm. The ozone concentration is an important indicator to measure the ozone generator technology content and performance. Equivalent working conditions, the higher the quality, the higher the degree of concentration of ozone output.
The main factors that affect the concentration of ozone:
1, ozone generator, the structure and processing accuracy;
2, the cooling method and conditions; 3, the drive voltage and drive frequency;
4, the dielectric material;
5, the raw material gas in the oxygen content and the cleanliness and dryness. Ozone output means outputs the amount of ozone within the ozone generator unit time; ozone concentration value with the product of the values of total gas into the ozone generator of the ozone production; usually used in mg / h, g / h kg / h of these units . The ozone generators standards provisions of the specifications of the ozone generator ozone production means and distinguish. Small ozone generator g / h units, large ozone generator kg / h for the size of the unit distinction specifications.
1g ozone applicable space
Per gram of ozone in different standard applies to space: (ozone using a standard)
1) hotel room, home office (more than three hundred thousand) --- 50-100 cubic
2) food medicine workshop (three hundred thousand) --- 25 cubic
3) food medicine workshop (one hundred thousand) --- 12 cubic
4) the food and pharmaceutical laboratory workshop (ten thousand) --- 6 cubic
5) The hospital sterile ward, pipelines (one hundred) --- 3 cubic
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