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China ozone generator

China ozone generator design principle:
Divided by gas feedstock, oxygen and air. Oxygen type is usually caused by the supply of oxygen cylinders or oxygen machine oxygen. Air type is usually air (such as compressed air) is to use as a raw material. Because ozone is generated by oxygen, and the content of oxygen in the air is only 21%, so the ozone concentration of the air-type generator is relatively low, while also derivative nitride. Bottled or oxygen machine oxygen purity is above 90%, the higher the ozone concentration of the oxygen-type generator. Generator air type commonly used in the disinfection of the environment. In water treatment, priority should be given oxygen generators. But if the disinfection of drinking water, the generator with the legacy of ozone mixing tower, you can only use the air type.
Divided by cooling method, water-cooled and air-cooled type. Ozone generator work will produce a lot of heat and need cooling or ozone due to high temperature side side decomposition. Water-cooled generator cooling effect is good, stable work, ozone attenuation, and can work continuously for a long time, but the structure is complex, the cost is slightly higher. The air-cooled type cooling effect is not ideal, ozone attenuation obvious. Large generator or important places are generally water-cooled generator. The air-cooled generally used only for smaller ozone output generator or place strict requirements on generator performance. Should try to use in the selection of generator, water-cooled type.
Divided by dielectric material, several types of common quartz tube, ceramic plates, ceramic tubes, glass tubes and enamel tube. Quartz tube has a high dielectric constant, uniform wall thickness, ovality, high temperature, resistant to moisture and most commonly use some high-performance ozone generator. Ceramic plate easy to rattle, only apply small generator. The ceramic pipe wall thickness and ovality is not easy to control, prone to discharge uneven so much. Low dielectric constant of the glass tube and enamel tube, high temperature performance, easy to burst, only in some low-end generator.
5, part of the structure is divided ozone production, closed and two open. The closed generator structure is characterized by a sealing body itself is the electrode, ozone can be used in a concentrated, such as for water treatment. The open-type generator electrode is exposed in the air, the ozone generated by inability to concentrate, usually only used for air purification, or the surface of some of the small items in a smaller space disinfection. The closed generator can be used instead of open-generator. The closed generator is much higher than the cost of the open-generator. It is worth noting that some open generator rigidly encapsulated posing enclosed generator. The result of this is due to a lot of heat can not be timely dissemination of severe ozone decay the generator also soon burning.
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