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Ozone generator machine

Ozone generator machine works:
Divided by ozone generated ozone generator are mainly three types: high-voltage discharge type, type of ultraviolet radiation, electrolysis.
A generator of high-pressure discharge type such ozone generator is the use of a certain frequency voltage corona electric field of high-voltage current manufacturing electrochemical reaction occurs, so that the electric field or the electric field around the oxygen molecules, thereby producing ozone. This ozone generator has the advantages of the technology is mature, stable, long life, ozone production (stand-alone up to 1Kg / h), the most widely used ozone generator is so related industries at home and abroad.
In the high-pressure discharge ozone generator is divided into the following types:
1 frequency divided by generator of high-voltage-frequency (50-60Hz), intermediate frequency (400-1000Hz) and high frequency (> 1000Hz) three kinds. Power frequency generator due to the large volume, the power consumption of the disadvantages, has been basically out of the market. , A high-frequency generator has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, ozone production, is now the most commonly used products.
2, divided by gas feedstock, oxygen and air. Oxygen type is usually caused by the supply of oxygen cylinders or oxygen machine oxygen. The air type usually use a clean, dry compressed air as a raw material. Because ozone is generated by oxygen, and the content of oxygen in the air is only 21%, so the ozone concentration of the air-type generator is relatively low, the oxygen purity of bottled or oxygen machine are above 90%, so the oxygen type The higher the ozone concentration of the generator.
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