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Water shortages in countries in the use of reclaimed water mode Exploration

With the development of the world economy, water resources become increasingly tense, reclaimed water as a steady water resources will be utilized, is an important way to ease the water shortage. Many developed countries will be reduced by the use of clean Ozone water  water, and to reduce the discharge of sewage water recycling of water resources as a concept. As early as in the 19th century, London, Boston, Paris and other cities, there on the legitimate use of renewable water bill Ozone generator introduced, the United States one of the world's oldest national wastewater reuse. After years of development, in the United States, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Germany, France and other countries, the recycled water has become an ozonator important measure to ease the water crisis, countries to develop a wastewater recycling goals, policies, regulations and standards.


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