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The interpretation AORODO use in food and other industries and enterprises mature

www.icano3.comWith AORODO ozone-technology applications, AORODO ozone microbial inactivation detection result of the clean room, authentication the AORODO ozone sterilization significant effect and reliability, having strong sterilization, does not produce residual contamination, can be CE ozone generator directly on the air, and the production of raw and supplementary materials, equipment, uniforms and other sterilization.

Tableware disinfection equipment factory custom size

  Tableware disinfection equipment from the ring Wei, Guangzhou Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd., our company specializing in the production of the ozone disinfection antivirus cabinet, ozone sterilization sterilization cabinet, ozone tableware Ozone generator machine disinfection cabinet, ozone cryogenic room temperature disinfection cabinet. I introduced the Secretary the German core ozone technology, developed its own high concentrations of ozone discharge chamber, the high-voltage power supply and ozone disinfection cabinet main accessories, has first-class ozone sterilization cabinet level of production technology. Product quality, price, factory outlets, perfect after-sales service and industry reputation worth getting your trust.


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