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« Water shortages in countries in the use of reclaimed water mode ExplorationThe interpretation AORODO use in food and other industries and enterprises mature »

Tableware disinfection equipment factory custom size

  Tableware disinfection equipment from the ring Wei, Guangzhou Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd., our company specializing in the production of the ozone disinfection antivirus cabinet, ozone sterilization sterilization cabinet, ozone tableware Ozone generator machine disinfection cabinet, ozone cryogenic room temperature disinfection cabinet. I introduced the Secretary the German core ozone technology, developed its own high concentrations of ozone discharge chamber, the high-voltage power supply and ozone disinfection cabinet main accessories, has first-class ozone sterilization cabinet level of production technology. Product quality, price, factory outlets, perfect after-sales service and industry reputation worth getting your trust.
    Ozone sterilization cabinet:
    1. Efficient kill the tableware supplies Ican Ozone generator surface bacteria, mold, bacteria, transmission of the virus.
    Effectively remove residual wash chemicals tableware, avoid secondary pollution.
    3. Room temperature efficient disinfection for all the tableware is not easily oxidized.
 Ozone sterilization cabinet ring Wei Products:
    HW-GS Series ozone disinfection cabinet is an efficient, at room temperature China ozone generator can be disinfected, and a very convenient the tableware disinfection dedicated equipment, disinfection effect the tableware disinfection requirements meet state regulations.
    Power :80-120W
    Control system: microcomputer control switch control, sterilization, electricity saving, low-cost disinfection.
    Disinfection by: tableware surface at room temperature gas sterilization, tableware maintain a certain humidity, better disinfection.
    Disinfection time: every 15-30 minutes. Equipment can work 24 hours, the machine equipped with a timer.
    Ozone production :10-20g / h
    Ozone generation: enamel tube gap corona discharge
    Product size: 80x40x120cm (according to customer requirements, custom sizes)
    Product material: thick stainless steel chassis
    Product life: the life of more than 10 years
    Usage: The machine is only using a control switch, plug ESC good working time can be.
    The shipment packaging: a free sterile telescopic film + foam + fully enclosed export wooden Binding.
The ozone sterilizer disinfection unique advantages:
    Ozone disinfection is the manner of a gas sterilization, disseminated use of gas can be on the entire dish surface sterilization, disinfection more thoroughly, to achieve the level of lysis, to eliminate bacteria again multiply. Ozone reaction is complete the final reduction of oxygen to O2, there is no harmful secondary pollution sources. Ozone disinfection as early as two hundred years ago ago in a foreign country, the application and recognition.
    The. Sterilization broad spectrum: Ozone variety of pathogenic micro-organisms, E. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus and A hepatitis B virus, fungi and other microbes have a good role in killing.
    Disinfection capacity is second only to fluorine F2: ozone oxidation capacity in nature, and is second oxidant than hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, chlorine dioxide.
Determine its strong oxidizing ozone sterilization, disinfection, in addition to taste, and other aspects of the broad application.
    Disinfection speed: each disinfection in just 15-30 minutes to actually ozone concentration reaches a certain threshold, can instantly kill bacteria.
    Diffusivity disinfection: ozone is a gas, the proliferation of good, no dead ends, uniform concentration distribution.
    Disinfection costs low: disinfection readily available raw materials, the atmosphere around us can be made to take ozone, without any disinfection additives.
    6. Environmental protection: Ozone can quickly break down into oxygen and single atom of oxygen, a single atomic oxygen can be its own oxygen molecules combine to form is the most environmentally efficient and safe, no secondary pollution sterilization gas, is recognized as a green disinfectant .
    In addition, disinfection technical specifications "issued in 1991 by the Ministry of Health. Ozone sterilization, the use of the range and use methods are clearly defined. Bactericidal effect of ozone was a clear affirmation: Ozone is a broad-spectrum fungicide can kill of Traditional and spores of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other. These are China's relevant laws and regulations, fully explain the principles and characteristics of the ozone sterilization of consumers to choose the basis of the ozone sterilization process.
    Why ring Wei ozone disinfection equipment:
Ozone generator for my company's traditional products, after the temper, the quality of excellence in technical performance, product structure, the installation process, control technology leader in the domestic same grade.
    Brand customers: the biological health of the Chinese Science Research Center, Dongguan JDB Group, Guangzhou Taiqi food,, Dinghushan springs, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Macau Shijie hotel supplies company, Guangzhou, Zhongshan Hospital, subsidiary of Hospitals
    Delivery speed: Order models to less than 10 sets of 3-7 working days delivery and the Guangzhou city free home delivery.
    Guaranteed after-sales service: 1 year free maintenance, equipment maintenance of life, please rest assured to use, and there are professional ozone engineers free on-site supervision of installation and training to use.
    How to select ozone sterilization Cabinet:
    Ozone is very unstable, so the only place ozone production, manufacturing There are many ways. One of the most economical mass production methods using a corona discharge method - to pass air or oxygen into the discharge tube, and the corona discharge under the action of an oxygen atom re-combination into ozone. The process has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, low operating costs and flexible adjustment can be a multi-purpose machine. The most basic indicator of the general evaluation of an ozone generator: ozone generator, ozone production, ozone concentration, control mode reliability, service life.
    The ozone broad spectrum bactericidal principle
The ozone sterilization mechanism, foreign Roy study, ozone can damage the capsid proteins of four polypeptide chains and RNA damage; Kim and other reports., Ozone role in the process, the bacteriophage RNA can be released, electron microscopy showed phage be broken into smaller pieces. Scientists believe the ozone with the bacterial cell wall lipids double bond reaction to penetrate the internal cell role in lipoprotein and lipopolysaccharide, changing the permeability of the cell wall, causing bacteria dissolve and death.
    Series of ring Wei environmental products:
    Ozone disinfection cabinet (customized size)
    Portable ozone generator (10-500g custom)
    Small ozone generator (1-10g yield)
    Wall-mounted Ozone Generator
    Ozone disinfectant machine

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