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The interpretation AORODO use in food and other industries and enterprises mature

www.icano3.comWith AORODO ozone-technology applications, AORODO ozone microbial inactivation detection result of the clean room, authentication the AORODO ozone sterilization significant effect and reliability, having strong sterilization, does not produce residual contamination, can be CE ozone generator directly on the air, and the production of raw and supplementary materials, equipment, uniforms and other sterilization.
    AORODO ozone in the food industry are the main aspects: First, the disinfection of the production of the workshop air and equipment, appliances surface and overalls; production and processing water sterilization High voltage ozone generator and preparation of high concentration of ozone disinfectant; cold storage disinfection and food preservation.
    Microbial contamination of the production workshop is very important factors affecting product  Ozone generator manufacturer quality AORODO ozone not only can effectively kill them, and effective odor removal workshop. The bacterial indicators make production workshop ozone disinfection of air, ground, console, appliances surface compliance qualified, and some meat and poultry slaughter plant odor significantly reduced.
    Production workshop, most of the bacteria, can be brought into production by processing personnel overalls workshop, in severe cases can cause the spread of large-area, attention should be paid. Food processing enterprises in most cases, ultraviolet radiation disinfection, disinfection less effective due to the natural defects of ultraviolet radiation, ozone gas permeable various parts of the clothing, so the use of ozone to disinfect the overalls is efficient and simple method.
    Packaging process: packaging, staffing, operating table, cleaning and disinfection. Special operating table plate, wipe with a clean towel and then disinfected towel to wipe both sides in order to thoroughly its disinfection. Slitting slicer blade, use with 30ppm disinfectant (ozone water machine) gun spray wash them (experimental shelf life of up to nearly a week or so). Every day after work to use 30 ppm of disinfectant drag the ground after to open ozone disinfection machines to reduce airborne mold.
Ozone AORODO kill rate of bacteria, viruses, microbes in the water higher, faster, complete removal of water, organic compounds and other pollutants, without secondary pollution. This is of special significance to the food processing water. Normally produced water disinfected with chlorine preparations, increasingly serious pollution of water by organic chemistry product will produce chlorinated organics such as chloroform, dichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride, chlorine disinfection agents, these substances have carcinogenic, and thus the European Union countries have banned the use of a the chlorine series of long-acting disinfectants, Japan will gradually ban the use. No secondary pollution ozone disinfection compounds, and the rate of ozone to kill bacteria than the chlorine preparations higher, kill speed is about 300-600 times the chlorine preparations. Especially in the disinfection of precooling, overcome the shortcomings of the residual chlorine in the sodium hypochlorite, can be efficient, economic, easy to kill bacteria. Some use pasteurization, but the pursuit of food appearance food companies are trying to use ozone disinfection instead of pasteurization.
    To summarize: AORODO ozone sterilizing. Diffuse and difficult to produce bactericidal dead ends, there is a natural shortcomings compensate for UV germicidal, overalls, packaging materials and utensils disinfection, food enterprises should give priority to the use of ozone disinfection. Ozone sterilization effect by concentration, temperature and humidity, duration of action, the general temperature low humidity (relative humidity must be greater than 70%), sanitizing effect. Disinfection time should be based on the generation amount of the volume size, require disinfection Friendly cleanliness level and the ozone generator, to obtain the desired disinfection effect, must be able to reach the corresponding place of the desired concentration within a predetermined time: food shop air sterilization ozone The concentration required to achieve 0.5 ~ 1.0ppm; workshop equipment, tools, and the packaging sterilization should reach 5 ~ 6ppm; overalls the disinfection should reach 10 to 20 ppm. Workers from work or rest, made of the use of ozone ozone water disinfection on the shop floor, containers, etc.; finished goods warehouse, raw ingredients, etc. can be used ozone air disinfection, and drive away rats, flies and other biological efficacy. Workers after work, we can use UV on the air in the rest of the cooling workshop, packaging workshop and bottling plant disinfection of the environment and prevention workers microbial growth and reproduction.

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