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Ozone AORODO equipment in the pharmaceutical industry

 www.icano3.comAs China continues to increase mandatory High voltage ozone generator GMP certification of the pharmaceutical industry efforts to ozone products in the pharmaceutical industry has a broader market space, is a new sunrise industry, the potential is enormous. Rough statistics, 5,000 more than the pharmaceutical industry, 50% of the companies in the different aspects of the application of ozone technology and equipment, can be said is the ozone technology application in China to open up one of the best areas.
    The 2012 the born of AORODO ozone equipment to actually established nearly 150 customers in the Ozone generator manufacturer pharmaceutical class in just one year, their production company on Haikang long Disinfection Technology Co., Ltd. has a dense indivisible powerful resource Contact. Its customers NICOLER dynamic air disinfection equipment resources, quickly established a sales network.
    The ozone industry in China started late, the people still in the Ozone generator industrial understanding and application of ozone within a relatively narrow range. Disinfection Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Kang long rose to the challenge to organize scientific and technological personnel, investment in research and development of pharmaceutical industry products and actively promote the use of ozone. Whether mobile ozone generator ozone generator disinfection clean area air from the HVAC system to the local small space disinfection, packaging supplies, surface disinfection of tools and instruments at room temperature ozone sterilization cabinet to overalls disinfection with drying function multifunction Ozone disinfection cabinet, pharmaceutical companies, or small-diameter bottle with automatic vacuum ozone disinfection sterilization box to process piping and tanks, filter surface disinfection of high concentrations of ozone water treatment machines, the product coverage of the square of the pharmaceutical industry.
    Has developed into a certain scale ozone professional enterprise, and R & D center set up by a senior ozone expert research and development of high-end ozone products. Ozone applications in the pharmaceutical industry, in the light of this, it can be said Kang Jiugong Secretary to expand the applications of ozone in the pharmaceutical industry contributed.
    Advances in technology, changes in the market, more and more pharmaceutical companies need to ozone industry to provide more advanced technology, more stable performance ozone equipment, which is the subject before us. Pioneer Kangjiu Gong Division as ozone application, development, promotion, with a strong sense of historical mission, and technology as the primary productive force, continue to increase R & D efforts, the research and development of a new generation of ozone device and its application technology, improve ozone products each new features to promote the progress of the pharmaceutical industry disinfection technology, as an own goal. At the same time, we are actively involved in trade association activities, and to strengthen the collaboration between enterprises, and promote industry self-regulation, and promote the establishment of technical norms and market norms, in order to advance to our ozone healthy and rapid development of industry.

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