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CFK-K-24 ozone generator
*Generating capacity : 24g/h
*Power supply : 220V/50Hz
*Power : 480W
*Net weight : 31kg
*Size : 420*200*68
*Disinfecting space : 480m³/h

Production characteristic :
1 Take air as gas source ;
2 Be driven by high frequency and high voltage power;
3 Ozone generating unit with open style .

CFK-K-24 Ozone generating unit with open style. It take air as gas source, and driven by high frequency&voltage power module. Especially apply to disinfect and sterilize for space.  
Main application field :
* Disinfect and sterilize packing workshop of food stuff , marine lives process , and meat process .
* Disinfect and sterilize refrigerator and refrigerated van for removing peculiar smell and odour .
* Disinfect and sterilize the surface of foodstuff, do degradation for virose air such as benzene , toluene and formaldehyde 
  in new upholstered housing .

* Disinfect and sterilize aseptic room , inoculation room, lab and dressing room .
* Disinfect and sterilize changing room , shoes .

model ozone capacity power supply power net weight size(L*W*H) disinfectable space 
CFK-K-6 6g 220V50Hz 120W 7.5kg 320*145*230 120m³/h
CFK-K-12 12g 220V50Hz 240W 13kg 400*180*255 240m³/h
CFK-K-24 24g 220V50Hz 480W 31kg 420*200*680 480m³/h
CFK-K-48 48g 220V50Hz 1000W 40kg 530*200*775 1000m³/h
CFK-K-J1 300mg 220V50Hz 10W 1kg 310*200*90 15m³/h
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